Make sure your gifts arrive in time for the holidays!

The holidays are hectic enough already, so after you've checked the last gift off your list make sure it arrives in time to be under the tree! CORE Business Centres are authorized shipping agents for FedEx and UPS, so let's take a quick look at when you need to get us your packages in time.

FedEx Express accepts packages up until Monday, December 22 for delivery before Christmas. Depending on the service and destination, though, you might have to pack it up a little earlier - packages to Asia need to be shipped by Tuesday, December 16. If your package has a long way to go across Canada, you'll need to send it around the same time.

At UPS, the story looks pretty similar, with most holiday deliveries having to be en route by Monday, December 22.

To be even more confident, head over to the CORE Shipping Quote Request form to get the process started, and you can track any package you send with the CORE Tracking Tool.

Happy Holidays!