5 Reasons You Need A Business Card

Are business cards obsolete? Some say that in the digital age, yes, business cards have become unnecessary. Yet others still think business cards are a vital part of doing business. What do you think? Here are 5 reasons business cards are still valuable:

  1. It's easier to have a business card with contact information than to try and remember or find something to write it on.
  2. Not everyone lives in the online world. Sure you can tweet or email your information to someone but if they aren't living on the 'net they may never see it.
  3. A business card touches people in a more tangible way than an email. It's a "real" reminder of the encounter and why you want to stay in touch.
  4. People are still conditioned to ask for and expect to receive business cards. It's a socially encouraged activity, "you got a card on you? I'll give you a call . . ."
  5. Business cards are the most inexpensive marketing piece your company will ever purchase.

So there you have it - some great reasons not to give up on the traditional business card. Are you ready to order your business cards? Contact us today for a quote!

Original article appeared in the Wooten Print blog.