Can you print my files if I send them to you by e-mail?

Yes, just send them as PDF's to avoid any formatting problems.

I want to print large-size colour posters (24 x 36 and larger). What do I have to provide?

All CORE stores can print any size document you need. You can email the file (PDF) or bring the file on a flash drive to your CORE store.



I'm shipping outside Canada. What documents do I require?

For anything other than medications, videos/films, non-dry foodstuffs and textiles/clothing, you'll need three (3) copies of a commercial invoice. You can download the form from FEDEX or UPS or get it from any of the CORE stores.

What about shipping medications internationally?

You'll need a copy of the prescription, the invoice from the pharmacy and a complete technical/scientific description of the medication from the pharmacist.

What are the special documents required to export textiles/clothing to the USA?

You'll need to complete a Textile Declaration which is available at all CORE outlets.

How do I arrange to pay the shipping costs for an importation?

CORE can arrange to bring in your package by any of our carriers with freight charges collect. See your local CORE store for details.

Mailbox Rental


I'm a snowbird, meaning I'm in Florida for 6 months a year. Can you forward my mail?

Just have your mail re-directed to a CORE mailbox address and we can then forward your mail as often as you prefer.

I get large packages, often with collect taxes or duty. Can you handle that?

Absolutely. We'll pay any collect charges on your behalf and over-sized packages will be kept in a secure place until you're able to pick them up.

Can I use more than one name for my mailbox?

You can use up to 3 names for your mailbox. We only require a proper government-issued picture identification for the primary renter.

How do I get a mailing address in the US and can that mail be forwarded to my CORE mailbox address in Montreal?

You can send your request for a mailbox directly to our location in Champlain (NY). Email us and we'll send you the paperwork to be completed, and yes, regular forwarding is abailable.