I cannot imagine running my business without CORE.

"I have been a client of CORE since the Monkland store opened in 1994. I cannot imagine running my business without CORE. They takes care of my business card and letterhead needs, large copy jobs for my business and my sideline as condo board president, shipping both locally and abroad, and taking in packages for me while I am at work or away. I also value honesty and integrity – both of which are without question very prominent at CORE. There is an old saying – dogs and children tell the truth. My granddaughter's first question when she comes to see me is "Are we going to CORE today?" and a "Yes" response always gets a "Yay!" in return. Need I say more?"

C.R., Financial Advisor

Looking forward to another fifteen!

"CORE has consistently (and creatively) provided not just all the practical services of mailbox, fax, copier, office supplies, packaging and parcel expedition and reception, but has also become the hub of a whole network of small businesses. Dropping by to pick up mail or get copies can quickly develop into a tip-sharing session with the people at CORE and other customers or a critical while-you-wait copying job can develop into a joke fest with clientele traffic coming and going. The search for that ‘just-right' person to fill a vacancy can end in success at that CORE hub because they knows who's looking for work, who's hiring, and who should meet and talk. Through business woes and joys, straight-talk advice in troubled times and even hugs when needed, CORE has been with me and for me ever since I first started my business almost fifteen years ago. Looking forward to another fifteen!"

P.R., Restaurant Owner

I very much appreciate your service.

"I have been meaning to send you a note for some time now about the extraordinary thoughtful service you have provided for me. You operate a very professional and rapid response business and provide great support and advice to solve printing and shipping issues. I very much appreciate your service."

P.S., Entrepreneur

I highly recommend CORE.

"I have been a CORE client for over 10 years and the friendly thoughtful service continues to serve me well. Over the years the services have expanded to fulfill additional needs including US address, personalized notice of oversized packages and dependable and reliable printing and shipping services. I highly recommend CORE."

D.C., Engineer

They offer a human approach to business, treating their customers like family.

"CORE, to me, means dedication and passion for customer service that they bring to their business every day. They offer a human approach to business, treating their customers like family.
I have known and have used the COREs services for over 10 years and no one (I know because have tried others) offers better service and is more dedicated to customers than CORE.
Several years ago when I lost my job, I went to CORE almost everyday to use the computer and fax and their compassion and solid advice made the transition to another job much easier. I know that in looking for work we sometimes have some self-doubt, but talking with the folks at CORE always made me feel better about myself and my prospects. They truly provide a full-service, one-stop shop."

M.A., Buyer, Furniture Industry

It's been an invaluable resource for me.

"When I discovered CORE, I found an efficient and cost-effective location to do my copies, print business cards and flyers and bind and ship reports. But more importantly, I also found a wonderful networking hub where I could meet other small business people and get the pulse of what was happening in the neighbourhood. It's been an invaluable resource for me."

G.A., Translator & Voiceover Specialist

We are grateful to CORE for their role in helping our business grow and thrive.

"For my training business, CORE has become an indispensable partner in helping us fulfill all our project requirements; whether it's the production of first-class printed material or shipping our course materials all around the world, CORE's flexibility and efficiency have helped us present a totally professional (and not a typical small-business) appearance to our clients. We are grateful to CORE for their role in helping our business grow and thrive."

L.S., Management Consultant & Trainer

Increase productivity

"I have been using CORE for over 5 years now. Their services are indispensable to me and my business. Not only do they accept all my incoming packages from my US distribution center and Canadian customers, but they also see to it that any shipments I may have bound for the US are attended to in an efficient and hassle-free manner. They even handle customs paperwork which is usually a nightmare to fill out, not to mention extremely time consuming.
Anyone who spends most of their working hours on the road or in an office that is not equipped with a personalized in-house courier service can increase their productivity level and overall bottom line by using CORE."

N.M., Sales Manager, Medical Equipment