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Inscrivez votre entreprise pour obtenir plus de visibilité et plus de clients. Quand les clients core sont a la recherche de votre type d'entreprise, vous serez facile a trouver et facile a contacter !

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corexperts - Neighbourhood businesses helping neighbourhood businesses.

One of the mandates of CORE Business Centres is to provide unique networking opportunities to our customers. We’re excited to announce an initiative to enhance that mandate with the CORExperts Business Directory. You can list your business, expertise, social media channels and anything else that would help potential clients find your business.


Work 1350-5764 MONKLAND AVE Montreal QC H4A 1E9 Work Phone: 514-875-8486


A operating unit of VIVO Telecom Corp, serving the internet community for over 10 years. We have chosen to partner with GoDaddy as our wholesale provider. There are dime a dozen registrars in the world, but over the years we havee found them to be a superior provider with a full range of related services that we offer and to our cusotmers.  If you want to get the best of their infrastructure but talk to a local specialist, go ahead call us and we can advise you on the best and least cost solutions regarding domains, managing domains, hosting as well as all the other related services.  Yes, we offer service in French and English.  Call and order your domains now!

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1350-5764 MONKLAND AVE Montreal QC H4A 1E9