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Une brève histoire du concept

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In 1994, Henry Roth was interested in opening a copy/business centre and he explored a number of options. He finally decided to work under a franchise structure for all the usual reasons. One, franchising did provide a concept that had proven to work (at least in some markets). Second, he thought he would be able to benefit from expertise and ongoing counsel. Third, the brand was promoted through multiple locations and some advertising. Fourth, he expected to derive cost savings by being part of a larger group.

 ...believed strongly that there had to be a better way than the franchising model. 
But he soon discovered that franchising also has it's limitations and drawbacks. Most importantly, there is the very significant costs attached to the acquisition of the franchise and the perpetual royalties and advertising contributions. There is also the manner in which the franchisor dictates practices and policies in virtually every facet of the business's activities, a constraint that can prove to be a very difficult pill to swallow for the entrepreneurial individual. And perhaps most importantly, there is the very real issue of a large organization's inability to react quickly and decisively in today's rapidly changing marketplace. 

When his contract expired in 2004, Henry felt confident about the future of business centres but he believed strongly that there had to be a better way than the franchising model. Accordingly, he ended his association with his franchisor, changed the name of the business to CORE Business Centre and continued operations as an independent.
The first thing he noticed was that he was able to negotiate vendor arrangements not very dissimilar to what he enjoyed under the franchise umbrella. The second revelation was that he enjoyed being able to adopt practices and make changes that suited the needs of his business without having to go through the proper channels in order to effect any deviations from company policy.


The CORE Business Centre Association

But Henry also realized that there were serious drawbacks associated with operating as an independent, and in 2007, he adopted a concept that has been around a long time: the business association. In this structure, a business can benefit from virtually all the same advantages as franchising but with almost none of the disadvantages. In an association, members are free to run their own business as they see fit, but the group works together to reduce costs, share knowledge in all areas of the business, improve operating efficiency, formulate common marketing strategies and develop brand recognition.
The CORE Business Centre Association may be just what you need...

And an added bonus is the ability to the association to teach new members about products and services they may not be offering presently but which might be very lucrative in their specific marketplace (several members were not providing mailbox rental or courier shipping prior to joining the association, those activities are now amongst the most profitable for those members).
The association grew gradually around its Montreal base and it now numbers 6 stores in the Greater Montreal area and an additional member in upstate New York. Future plans include welcoming new members from across Canada and the northeast United States.

If you own an already-established copy/print centre or full business centre, if you want to see your business maximize its opportunities, if you are tired of feeling isolated and vulnerable, then the CORE Business Centre Association may be just what you need.

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