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What can CORE do for you?

Whether you're just thinking about starting your own business or you have a well-established small or medium-sized business, CORE can provide the solutions to all your needs.


Resources to help you grow faster

Your business might be small, but it doesn't have to look that way. CORE provides you a professional suite address with mail forwarding and professional business forms. You benefit from networking with other small businesses, and can access consulting services to help you grow with new ideas. Give your business the right brand image with website creation services, internet marketing tools and complete editing and translation.

Suite addresses in Quebec, Ontario and the U.S.

One of the first steps in establishing a new business is determining an address, and if you don't really need the trappings and expense of a formal office, a private mailbox is the perfect answer. A suite address, 24 hour access, courier/package reception, complete confidentiality and security: the right starting point for your new venture.

A private mailbox is also ideally suited for individuals who require a confidential address. For example, it is highly recommended that women operating a business from home never give out their home address, hence the CORE mailbox provides essential security and privacy.

Another advantage of the CORE mailbox: if your job requires you to be on the road much of the time, you can have packages delivered to CORE, we'll even advance import charges when necessary.

Who else can benefit from a CORE mailbox? Almost anybody...

  • a student;
  • a person moving out of the country who wants to maintain a Canadian address;
  • a snowbird who wants their mail forwarded during their winter absence;
  • a non-profit or sports/cultural association with a need for an address;
  • a business outside Quebec requiring a local address;
  • a consultant who wants to maintain separate residential and business identities.

Whatever your situation, a CORE mailbox will simplify your life.

Our mailbox service even has a fax option where you may use our fax number as your own for a very modest monthly fee. When you consider the true costs of having your own fax (the machine itself, the phone line, toner, paper), you'll see how much money our fax service can save you.

Mail forwarding

Business forms (invoices, receipts, cheques, business cards)

Networking and consulting opportunities

Marketing support and consulting

CORE is a partner with :purelife communications, Marketing, Branding and Design Accelerators. They offer small and medium sized businesses the ideas and marketing know-how to succeed – together.

Website creation and maintenance

Internet marketing tools and guidance

Editing and translation services

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